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Dash Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Enhances The Multitasking Switcher!

SB Coders is known for making some awesome jailbreak tweaks such as Deck, Aero & Others.


This jailbreak tweak lives up to the standerds of being a awesome well designed tweak. Dash is a multitasking switcher for your jailbroken iPhone

It features the sams wallpaper (linen) as the native switcher and looks like apple has designed this themselves. it also comes with a close within the dash interface you can swipe up to exit applications and also view home man applications ou have open with the dots below the application windows.

Apart from just looking good, you can customise the tweak to your liking with 5 different animations to choose from, in this current state most of the animations are in beta stage but hopefully roe animations will be added in the future.

The animations are listed below

  • Scroll (default)
  • Cover Flow
  • Time Machine
  • Rotary
  • Cylinder

When Dash is activated with your own activated method, the screen will slide up just how the notifications center animation occurs when dismissing it.

Personally i think that the application is going to be a hit! it looks great,works great and I havent found any cons with the tweak.